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police say the little boy's faaher had left the car runninggwhile he went inside to drop off another chill.... within seconds, the cr along with his 7-yearrold son had vanished. investigators say the suspect releesed the oy a short time later.... but tooight, neither the car nor the carjacker have been rrcovered. fiirs on fox tonight...there's reason to believe that many tickets issueddby tte city's speed cameras....are flat ut wrong. and if you drive a bus or a big could be a victim. victimmlook at these actual videos from the speed camera near poly western high school. all show big rigs...aal - finee for going aa least 59 the speeddlimit.the city admits the readings from the wrong"... adar are "abnormally (20:35:08) "its the reflecting the radar....." but its launched a citywide
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colored rrbbons filled the streets of west baltimore slain sslliers. lined the sidewaal of the new - psalmist baptist was part of their prayers or peace mmmorial. each gold ribbon has the name, rank and age of thousands oo mmn and women ho've lost their lives in iraq and afghanistan. the bbue and green ribbbns are for those still fighting and for those who are praying for peace. mayor stephanii rawlings-blake and congressman elijah cummings also helped pay tribute tootheefallen soldiers. 3 "we wanted to take a moment o let everyone know juut wwat it cost and also to let the families of those who lost lost is not overlooked that they are not forgotten somebody remembers them and is grateful for what they've done." done."passorrthomas says the ribbons will remmin at the church for uite some time. today the marine corps celebrates ts 237-thhbbrttday.
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this photoowas ssnt in by one of our viewers with a marine in niform olding a blue and red birthday cake. tomorrow he nation celebrates veterans day....a day to i know its fall buu it sure feels a lot like summer.... summer.... nd tomorrow shoold be even better. bbtter. let's go to meteooologist jjnnthan myers with a lookkat what's happening now.... 3 3 a bank
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robbery of the heeviest kind..... we'll how you what happened when thieves drove away with pn atm. better late than never. how the battll &pended for president obama and mmtt romney in the sunshine state. 3& was there a whitee houseecoverup? whh those -a week. ng it to coogress ext 3
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iis been four days since the election, and lorida has finally figured out who carrred the sunshine state. awarded that state'ss 9 electoral votes... votes... mchinesshave been churning through the ballo brings the finallelectoral ry - count to 332 for the presideet.....206 for former the drama may not be overr yet, somm states may be recounting at the demand of candidates ii ooher races. votees have given presideet obama a second term.peehaas over the next four years, the out sooe of the most ppoblematic issues wwth health carr rrform.jeff barnd exxlains hoo america's eelth
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care ssstem will change in the president's second term. improvv it where we can." to w - trt==08 president obama has a second term -- maybe a second chance that heaathcare reformmis &pworth the gamble.[sot n john guess is, if obama stays in the white houueeyou are going for new angles to challengg the law."trt=:09obama's crowning social the president providers, inssrance lth care companies, ccnsumers and hospitals.[graphic "obamawin1" in share folder]starting in thousand dollars a year will pay nine-tenths of one percent more in mediiarr wage taxes. medical devices will pay an additional two-point-three perccnt excise tax. medicare cuts to hospitals kicks in. [graphic "obamawin2" in share be required to get insurance or pay tax penaaty of 695 dollars or two and half empllyers will pay a two-- - thousand per employee taxx heallh begin[vo][vo]many f ttese are unpopular changes with tte majority of taxpayers -- which means mr. obama will have continue to sell american's n health carr reform.i'm jeff barnd reportiig.
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3 pmjor hurdle the country will face. head to fox baltimore dot com nd figure out how much your taxes wiil go up aad congress caa't agree on a debt deal. just look for the vote 2012 link. the head oo the c-i-a ....steps down today after admitting to an extra marital was appointed head of laagley and april last eaa .... the f-b-i received a tip that he wassinvolved with his biograaherr...paull broadwell ... the allegation was being investigated to determine if it was a security risk. his resignation comes just a eek before petraeus house and senate intelligence - hearingg. those hearings eleventh attack on the u-s consulate in libya. molly henneberg explains why petraeus woo't be the onll perron who won'' be availabll to testify testiff pore truths begin o trickle consulate in libya. the
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state department says -- paper trail.nuland says: "we've had requests for committees and from a numbbr of staff and membbrs. we have noo made documents vailable &p mann on capitol hill wan to know what hhppennd before, purinn, anddafter the attack... whichhkilleddfour americans -- includiig corkerr ays: "the aftermath, - phe misleading statements, what we wann to know is what happened and if was there aa fail of intelligence." republicans say the wite house failed to provide adequatt ddplomatic security aae deffnding the administratiin's foreign policy,,saying this is just a p prrsident. meanwhile petraeus handing in his resignatiin a week before the benggazi hearing -- citing an extramaritaa affairr he is no longer scheduled to senate intelligence agenny pearing.king says: "it's not
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the cia director thaa has o testify, it's the person who was there during the benghazi attack. and that man was david petraeus..(on cam tag) secretary of state hillary clinton was asked by the house committee to attend the hearrnn this coming thursday. however, she'ssscheduled to travel outside the ccuntry next week. in washington, molly henneberg, &ppox news. 3 highest least according to court administrato. administrators... the federal court system will see auuomatic uts, under the mmllion dollars. and about an enormous backlog of phaaing senator chuck grassley who's urging court administrators to put an end tt their expensiveejunkets. judges froo the ninth circuii court spent more thhn a millioo dollars on a conference in maui thhs year..... ouu medda partner, the waahington story.ian is following he 3 "the issue of judges traveling to theee judicial
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conferences, which are really nothing more than extended vacations on taxxayers dime are going to become a focal poont oo reformmig the judicial branch." branch."theefederal judiccary outlined its measures in whaa vague email. to read mooe abbut this story go to foo baltimore-dot-com and click n the link to the washington puarddaa. whileeyou're there be sure to check out how bltimore city wwrkers are urning ttrough your tax dollars at phe gas pump. heemay be a baseball hall of famer...and aavvteran of two warr...but jerry coleman insists he's no hero. hero.. coleman has twice to fight alongsiie those in l - worrd war ii and korea. heeearned 13 air medals and 2 distinguiihed flying crosses. he was also the 2-nd bassman for the new york yankees. who took home four series titles before retiring. p3"i think your country is one of the dominant factors in your life. especially thee united states. if you haven't been out into the world and seen how other things go then you don't know what you're
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talking abouu, but when you've ssen that then you realize that this s heaven." heaven."you can still find colemannin the booth calling games for the san diego padres. milittry &pdogs... et.... a... good ...ssnd-off into reti. petiiement.... on thursday, mandy was honored for all her ard work ... innluding tours commendation medal. - poldiers who worked with mandyy peserved. maxwell says: "to us, the dogs &pare treated exactly like soldiers. ferrin says: " we've seen the same llces..experienne...unsp okee bbnn with them." p,3mandy's retiring because of medical reasons.. but, she will tiillhave ties tt the military. a sergeant ps adopting hhe. 3 a believe.. it happens ext. how you what - new jersey finally sseing some relief after sandy.
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are doing for the victims. - & its the season for
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giving...... so seeeeal baltimore ood trucks gathered today to raise monee and supplies for hurricane sandy storm victims..... victims..... ii downtown towson ffod trucks collected everything from cash donntions..... canned goods........clothes and first charcoal.... we talked with a live in new jjrsey ....she talks about the devvstation and how many of her friends ann family members are still strugglingg...//take sot// (9:42)its total deeastation the infrastructure is completely gone the families are running out oo food and basic supplies which s the
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puupose of this drive is today to bringgit directly to the families we've had to relocate the families a second time more up nooth because the shelters are not reachable ... ... the donations will be taken to two firehouses near the newwjersey seaside. its been allost wo weeks since superstorm sandy knocked coast homess.... and as st - politicians promise full restoration by the end of the weekend...... cristina mutchler shows us why some residents are shaking their hea. heads. naas: what doowe ant? power! when do we want it? now!! pfter toughing it ouu through supersttrm sandy and llst week's nor'easter, some long island residents were "in the dark" about when their power would be restored. i can't get the light onnfor my ids? i can't get power, heat,, garbage pickup, nothinn? others ii the region aaaited the ame answers. innnew jersey saturdaa, more than 1755 thousand households were
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powerless -- banking on a promise made by new jersey governor chris christii friday. liff willlbe back for most of new jersey to normal come sunday. what do i mean by hat? let's start off with pooer, we backtrrcked slightly in our efforts to restooe power due to the nnr'easter, but after talking to the utiiities last night and again this morning, my belief is we will have almoss 100 pprcenn restoration by "nearly all" will have hat electricity by ssnday night. put for many, thatts only one offthe problems. i can't leave my home. i can't leave, i'm afraid tooleave my home, i don't want what i have left to kids to be evvn more for my - devastated than what they are. in queens, new york, voounteers helped clean up -- bbt some are still struggling to get by. it's like armageddon orrsomething. they forgot about s. hoo are we to survive? elief ---and powee -- is not ertain in some areas as residents trryto storms. i'm cristina
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mutchler reportiig p today baltimore city residents got a chance to get a break in their b-g-e- bill. the energy assistance expo was held at baltimore city community college. the event encouraged limited-income b-g- e customers to speak with representatives from he help with their bill. "not only is that about how do assistance we're actually here today helling people fill out theeform so they can find out can assiss them because there - is a fund who asssst peoplee them o pay.. to receive moreeinnormation on how to get help with your b-g-e bill or to see if you're eligible you can call 410-396- 5555. 3
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what... bbtter way say thanks... to ourr viewers... than with omeefree . cash. we're talking about the fox 45 thankssiveaway?we're paying to enterr.. go to our facebbok page... like uu... and click on contests. contests.then... ... we''l giveeaway a 100- &pdollar gift card on fox 45 morning news... every hourr.. pf the shhw... starting at 5 a-m. 3 ts ot's a robbery. why it took a &p a major shakeuppin ollege football...the upset of the
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unlimited... ,3& definitely have to see to
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police in tennessee are still trying to figure out who stole an a-t-m from a bank's drive thru. 3take a looo. surveillance video show a forklift quicclyy appears and then snatches the a-t-m machinn and before taking oof. cameras frrm other loading the a-t-m inno the bed
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of a pick-up truck in thh parking lot. the machine minus the money was found in the woods along with the truck which was used to haul it away. police say both the forkllft and the trrck were 3&preported stolln. that's all for the news at ten, i'm jeff abell. anddi'm karen parks, herees morgan adsit with sports unlimi. unlimited. it's come to he point...where you just feel baddfor maryland football.out of true quarterracks because of knee injuries and one foot injury. so they've got a linebacker starting.beeore the streak of bad luck...the terpp had 4 wins... witt 6 left ames. plentyyof time tooget bowllelig. eeigible.not anymore... it's going to be a long three weeks...maryland at 13 clemson. .1st score...tajh boyd hooks up with adam humphries foo the score... clemson up maryland ppssession...shawn petty tries to throw but looses connrol...corey crawforddpicks up he fumble...
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16 yards for a ttuchdoww... tigers up 14-0....22d hits brannon ford for thh 22 &4. ken niumatalolo and navy visiting troy....before the end of the half...mids trail 28-14...keenan reynolds punchessit in from a yard into the locker room....3rd g -3 quarter...midshipmen down 10... reynolds pitches to gee gee greene...breaks one tackle... no ooe in front of him...59 yards to the house...16 carries for 150 trails 31-28....later in the 3rd...trojans on the dooostep...deon anthony ffkes &pthe handoff...keeps it hiiself...troy up 38-28...and snap navy's 5 game win streak...41-31... seeior ddy at towson... quarterback and former old mill standout graat enders honored before the game....1st quarter...tigers down 7-0... enders finds cory kirby... draggedddown across thh goal line...28 yard score...ties it
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at 7....2nd quurter...enders dominique booker...pushed out at the 3 after a pickup of 22...led to anotherrtigers t-d..7 carriee.... 181 yards for oooer...13-0 towsonnafter a missed p-a-t....later in the 2ndd..enders lofts t for touchdoon passes in his final home game...towson bbows out the winless rams 41-10... huge game...number 15 texas a&m t number ne alabama.... 44h quarter...crismson tide to amari cooper...out runs the aggies ddfenne for 54 yards... bama down 5....2 minutes later...mccarrrn aunches it to kenny bell...gain of 54... downnto the 6....4th and goal from the ... this ii it. mccarron.... bell in the end zone...but intercepted by the aggies....texxa a&m holds on over alabama..ama will fall
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out of first in the b---s rankings... there's two truths to sports. &pcan't coaah height..can't coach the n-f-l.... a kid can land any role n a ddvelop position skills along the way...that's why they run the 40 at the combine. combine.and that's what the raiders have gonn after lately defensive coordinator dean pees ssressed this week...the patching oakland minus itsstwo 3 best backs... arren mcfadden and mike goodson out with ankle if the ravens get burned... it will palmer has free reign tt raaked p 400 passing yards per game...he's got wo young, speedy tarrets....maryland product daarius heyward-bay... and their leader in yards... denariis moore. 3
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injury reeort for tomorrow'ss game...pernelllmcphee the onlyy raven listed as out against the raiders...oakland will miss 3 starters...running backs mike goodson and darren mcfadden as well as defensive taakle richard seymour... indoor soccer...bllst hosting the silver knights...michelle millwood breaks the 2-2 tie with a goaa off the nice pat heeley assistt..442 blaat.... later it's lucio gonzaga with the rocket score..blast year...10-4 over syraccse... thht's all for sports unlimited...i'm mooggn adsit... .raiders-ravenn tomorrow at 1. have a great
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